While the primary business of Reach Advisors focuses on our custom strategy, research, and predictive analytics engagements around emerging shifts in the external landscape, we also share some of our general findings in featured presentations.                                 



Customized Presentations                                                   


   Reach Advisors shares our publicly available intellectual capital on emerging shifts at a wide 

   variety of conferences and executive retreats, with event organizers reporting that our

   presentations typically garner the strongest ratings they've seen for the events they 



   A few examples of current presentation topics:


   "Data Science and Geospatial Decision Making"

   "Disruptive Innovation in Business Models and Funding Structures"

   "Macro Shifts and Consumer Trends: What's Around the Corner?"

   "Generational Shifts Reshaping the Consumer Landscape"

   "The Economic Demography of Aging"

   "The Decade of Total Wellness"

   "Building a Clear View of 2020"

   "Market Growth, Decline, and Private Equity"



The fee for presentations by James Chung run between $15,000-$25,000, depending on whether it's a non-customized presentation already on hand or a custom presentation drawing on new research. Presentations by Senior Consultants run $5,000-$7,500.  To inquire about availability, contact us at inquiry@reachadvisors.com or call 518.439.6942.

Non-customized pro bono presentations for non-profits


Reach Advisors accepts up to four pro bono presentation requests per year, under the following circumstances: 

  • For non-profit organizations only.
  • Pro bono presentations will use a presentation already on hand, requiring no customization. (Other presentations fall under our standard fee structure.)
  • Presentation slides will not be ready prior to the event, uploaded, or available for distribution after the event, except upon special request.
  • If the presentation is taped, recorded or photographed, the host agrees to share that automatically with Reach Advisors.  Posting the video presentation online requires advance permission.
  • While we'll work with whatever audio is available, we strongly recommend a wireless lavaliere microphone to engage the audience more effectively.
  • If the presentation is rated by the audience, the organizer is responsible for sharing the scores and comments with the presenter as soon as possible to help us continue to fine tune the quality and impact of our presentations.
  • The one challenge we need to address up front is that unfortunately, there may be times when we can't be as responsive to pro bono presentation requests as we are with our ongoing client demands.
  • We realize that we probably require more than most presenters sharing a pro bono presentation, although we also strive to deliver far more from all of our presentations! 

While the number of requests for our pro bono presentations exceeds the number that we can accept, odds for acceptance increase when we have as much detail as possible on the following: 

  • Is there an overall theme for the event?
  • Is there a specific Reach Advisors presentation that you've seen or heard about that you would like to have shared for this event?
  • What is the format for the presentation (e.g. keynote, luncheon presentation, etc.)?
  • What is the expected audience composition and size for this specific presentation? (Odds of acceptance increase if it's a sizeable number of senior-level attendees, decrease if there's less clarity on the audience for this specific session.)
  • What other sessions are in the program?
  • Are any other speakers getting paid? If so, how much? (If other speakers are getting paid, Reach Advisors might still waive our standard fee structure, and accept the same amount that the host offers other featured speakers.)
  • How is the organization able to help promote the value of the Reach Advisor's presentation?
  • Are you able to accept our travel expenses policy (see below)?

To submit a pro bono request, please email the answers to the above questions, as well as any other information that Reach Advisors should know that might impact the consideration of this request, to inquiry@reachadvisors.com.


Travel expense policy


Sponsoring organizations will be responsible for the full travel expense of the presenter, although Reach Advisors will make every effort to keep costs reasonable and customary for the location.  Note that travel expenses typically run between $1,000 - $2,500 (less if by train or car, more if international).


Reach Advisors will book airfare that minimizes the odds that travel delays could prevent the presenter from making it to the event on time.  Unfortunately, we have found that we typically need to purchase changeable fares, versus non-refundable fares, since we need to change 40% of our flight reservations to accomodate scheduling and potential travel disruptions. 





Image credit: Lipofsky.com