Reach Advisors is frequently contacted by leading news organizations about our strategy, research, and predictive analytics work, and we've listed some of the stories below.  If you’re a member of the media looking for insight from Reach Advisors, please feel free to contact us at or call 518.439.6942. Also, note that we encourage journalists referring to work reported in other articles to feel free to contact us for fact checking.


Some of the news stories about our work include:


"Immigrants+Art History=Citizenship?," WNYC, Septermber 2017


"Placemaking on the Pike," Urban Land, March 2016


"Home Sweet Home Museum Changes Its Tune," The NY Times, March 2016


"Museums Lure a New Generation Through Their Stomachs," Fast Company, March 2016


"The Man Who Sees Tommorrow," WIchita Magazine, November 2015


"New Economic Models for Field Wide Research," Center for the Future of Museums, August 2015


"Docents Gone Wild,"  The Wall Street Journal, June 2015


"Ski Areas On the Lookout for Funding," Daily Gazette, March 2015


"Museums Turn to Technology to Boost Attendance by Millennials,"  The New York Times, March 2015


"A Conversation with James Chung," The Wichita Eagle, September 2014


"Three Essential Stats for Marketing to Women," Forbes, September 2014


"Chung: Wichita must decide now whether to stagnate or innovate,"  WBJ Biztalk, September 2014 


"The Upside of 'Marrying Down,'"   The Wall Street Journal, April 2014


"Diamond Jamboree Gives Shoppers a Taste of Asia," The Orange County Register, August 2013


"Museums Make a Poor Show of Projecting Visitor Counts," The Wall Street Journal, July 2013


"50 Years After the Equal Pay Act, Gender Wage Gap Endures," NPR, June 2013


"Are Women Catching Up in Pay?" Forbes, April 2013


"The End of Courtship?" The New York Times, January 2013


"Shopping Malls Cater to Shifting Ethics, Age Demographics," The Denver Post, December 2012


"Who Wears the Pants in This Economy?" New York Times Sunday Magazine, September 2012


"Golf Tourism Has Summer Competition," Vail Daily News, August 2012


"Single Women Earning More Money, Degrees," Sun Sentinel, June 2012


"Has the trophy wife faded into history?" Boston Globe, May 2012


"Women, Money and Power," Time, March 2012


"PANKS happy to remain aunties only," Chicago Tribune, March 2012

"Home design targets non-traditional families," The Washington Post, March 2012


"Who Wants to be a Manager?" United Hemispheres, March 2012


"King of the Mountains," Ski, February/March 2012


"Warm weather keeps ski resorts business from heating up," The Times Tribune, February 2012


"Gen X: Stuck in the Middle," CRM Magazine, February 2012


Please feel free to inquire about articles dating back to 2002. However, here is one of our classic articles available upon request:

  • May 2006:  "Golden Goose or Ticking Time Bomb?: Ski Resort Real Estate Development," James Chung and Sally Johnstone in the National Ski Areas Association Journal