Reach Advisors Ventures recently launched

  StratoDem Analytics, a data science firm

  producing the nation's most accurate local-

  market economic and demographic analysis

  and forecasting. See how some of the nation's

  leading private equity firms and real estate

  organizations are making better strategy 

  and capital deployment decisions using

  StratoDem Analytics


  Watch for the upcoming release of our latest data

  science venture pioneering the field of digital

  cartography, mapping the digital trails of how

  consumers research and engage with their

  purchasing decisions.


  Congratulations to the Forbes 30 Under 30:

  Education honorees, including the youngest

  pair on the list who are also involved in

  internships or research with Reach Advisors.

  Congratulations Luke and Cole! 


  Are you interested in working with StratoDem

  Analytics or one of our other data science

  ventures?  Please check our employment page

  for job descriptions and information about






Recent keynote presentations    


 "The Geography of What's Next," Laguna Niguel 


"Data Science and Geospatial Decision Making," San Diego


"WSU commencement speech," Wichita


"Meaningless Means, Simpson's Paradox and the Era of Data Science," Harvard Business School


"Disruptive Innovation in Business Models and Funding Structures," Yale University


"Data Science and the Future of Real Estate," NYC


"Market Growth, Decline, and Private Equity," New York City


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In the news this year

(plus some classics)


"Access to Data is Rapidly Shaping the Future," Builder Magazine (2017)


"Ski to Success: How Little Vermont Stays on Top of the Winter Industry," Business Vermont (2017)


"Counting on Disruptive Innovation," Commercial Property Executive (2016)


"Sometimes an Economic Analyst Just Has to Upset the Apple Cart," The Wichita Eagle (2016)


"Placemaking on the Pike," Urban Land (2016)


"Golden Goose or Ticking Time Bomb? Resort Real Estate Development," National Ski Areas Association Journal (2006)


"Many are Unprepared for a Downturn," Los Angeles Times (2005)


Fall presentations


HIVE: Housing, Innovation, Vision and Economics, Los Angeles



Economic Diversification Forum, Bahrain


ULI Fall Conference, Los Angeles


ASTC CEO Forum, San Jose


NEIA Fall Conference, Boston



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